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    I offer Medical Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, and Life Coaching to help you reduce pain, quit smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, overcome fears, improve intimacy,  improve performance, and face many more challenges.

Olena Prokopenko, CHP

My approach:

I combine my intuitive knowledge of human nature and best evidence based practices.

I design hypnosis programs that are highly specific to my client because no two people are alike.

I teach my clients skills and tools that will support them for a lifetime.

I empower my clients to take responsibility for their choices.

I create a comfortable and safe space, where my clients and I come up with the best solutions for their life.

I have adopted and subscribe to the Code of Ethics promoted by my certification agency, the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472: http://www.hypnotherapistsunion.org/codeofethics

*Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed psychotherapist or a medical doctor and do not treat mental or medical disorders. I offer hypnotherapy for vocational and avocational self-improvement. In the instances of psychological or bodily issues, I can provide enhancement to regular medical care under a proper psychological or medical referral.



lenasessionFrequently Asked Questions

1. What makes hypnosis effective?
The reason hypnosis works is because it reaches and reprograms a person’s subconscious mind.

2. What is subconscious mind?
It’s a part of the mind that stores our unconscious motivations. We accumulate a set of experiences throughout our lives that get stored in the subconscious mind. It can be helpful because we don’t have to think consciously over skills and behavior patterns that become automatic. But when you are trying to make a change, old patterns can keep you from changing even if these patterns no longer serve you.

3. Who can benefit from hypnosis?
I’m biased but I think everyone can benefit from hypnosis to one extent or another. Hypnosis can produce a state of deep relaxation, which in itself relieves stress. However, it is most helpful for those people, who are consciously motivated to make changes. Hypnosis can serve as a motivation boost, but is not a substitute for a true desire for change.

4. Can you hypnotize me?
The answer to that is absolutely! Depth of hypnosis can vary from person to person. However, with the right technique everyone can enter the state of hypnosis. The only exception is that they don’t want to but that would be odd for someone to go to a hypnotherapist if they really didn’t want to get hypnotized. Also, for some issues, it is actually preferable to work in a lighter state of hypnosis.

5. Will I remember the session?
Remembering is not always necessary for a resolution of an issue. The deeper the hypnotic state, the more likely you are to forget what happened during the session. If it is your desire to do so, you can remember even the deeper session. Sometimes your subconscious mind will protect your conscious mind from memories it cannot handle as the case in traumatic events. In most cases, it is best to leave those types of memories alone because your subconscious mind has a very good reason for keeping them hidden.

6. Is there something I can do in-between hypnosis sessions to work on my issue?
Yes, I give homework. We make a plan together that will work for you, but you are still the one, who has to follow it. Hypnosis is a great tool for an extra boost of motivation. It also works by making more resources available to find solutions. Its stress relieving properties let you deal more calmly with whatever comes up. Sometimes it even works as if by magic, making you behave in new more positive ways. Having said all that, you are still the one, who has to take responsibility for what you need to do. I can give you the tools to succeed, but I can’t build your success for you.

7. What if I don’t live in Redding, California and want to see you for a hypnosis session?
You have a couple of choices. You can contact me and I will let you know if I’m comfortable working with your issue on Skype. If I think you should see someone in person, I will make a recommendation for a well-trained hypnotherapist in your area.

8. Will you make me do things I don’t want to do?
The answer to that is that my goal is to serve you as my client. Furthermore, you will not do anything in hypnosis that is against your values or that conflicts with your belief system. Your conscious mind is still present and you can make choices just like in a waking state.

9. Why can’t I give myself suggestions instead?
There are many reasons. I’ll address a couple of important ones. You can’t see patterns of your subconscious mind clearly because you are immersed into its processes. I can observe the patterns without having any attachment to them, and tell you what is and what is not working. In fact, you give yourself suggestions every day. You can see what results you have been getting. If you are unhappy with those results, chances are you could use some help in changing the suggestions.

10. How many hypnosis sessions do I need?
It all depends on what your needs are. One is better than none at all. However, most people need two or more sessions. The reason for that is that hypnosis helps you learn new behaviors. Learning takes repetition. A lot of people expect hypnosis to be a magic wand, and while it can bring fast results, repetition helps the learning sink in fully. Secondly, sometimes clients experience a huge change after the first session, but with fast change usually comes an equal amount of resistance. If I’m not there to help you go through that resistance, you might slip into the old habits, and decide hypnosis doesn’t work for you. In fact, as in most undertakings, most people don’t succeed because they quit just before seeing ample results.

11. What’s the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?
Hypnosis is what you call the state of focused attention. More on what hypnosis state it, read my article Redefining Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to get a therapeutic result such as reduce pain, quit smoking, or lose weight.

12. How much does the hypnotherapy cost?
My fees are $95/hour. I also offer a sliding scale for those who have a financial need.

My Services

Just a few of the many ways we can work together to
Improve your life and set you on the road to
Success making New Choices

  • Hypnotherapy Sessions

    Hypnotherapy is a wonderful, relaxing, and powerful way to address the challenges you face in life. Schedule a session in my office and get started soon!

  • Skype Sessions

    For those that find it difficult to get out of the house or have challenging schedules, I offer Hypnosis sessions via computer. Hypnosis is very effective online and this may be a good option for you!

  • Life Coaching

    Let me help you set goals and develop plans to get the most out of life.

  • Medical Hypnosis

    Hypnosis is effective at helping with many medical issues. Working in conjunction with your healthcare provider, I can help you activate the the natural healing properties of the Mind-Body connection using your subconscious mind.

  • Improved Intimacy

    Hypnosis is a wonderful way to address challenges related to developing and maintaining strong satisfying intimate relationships.

  • Stop Smoking

    Hypnosis has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to finally put smoking behind you for good.


Check back often for interesting news and updates about
Shasta Hypnosis and get new inspirations toward
making the right choices in your life.


Shasta Hypnosis is located in downtown area of Redding, California. The building is small and cozy, and it contains only three other offices, so it tends to be quiet. There is a parking area, that’s reserved for clients, with plenty of spaces available, even during busy times.

Shasta Hypnosis office features dim lights, noise reduction machine, and a plus recliner for you to relax in. Clients comment on getting in a relaxed mood as soon as they can into the recliner.

Hypnotherapy sessions available by appointment both mornings and afternoons.

Address: 1918 West Street Suite B, Redding CA 96001
Phone: (530)728-0777
Email: lena@newchoicehypnosis.com

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