How To Prepare For a Hypnosis Session

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Here are some quick guidelines for getting ready for your first hypnosis session. After your first session, you’ll get a better idea about what is the best way to prepare for you personally. I don’t always get to speak to my clients at length before the session, so I’m writing this article for an overview. Follow directions that your hypnotherapists give you. Hypnotherapists are generally pretty helpful and welcome any questions that you may have about the best way to benefit from hypnosis.

1. Wear comfortable clothing.

This one may seem obvious, but it is still important to mention here. We want complete comfort and relaxation and if you have something restraining or poking your body, that might distract you from the optimal experience.

2. Eat a meal an hour or two before the session. If not possible, eat a small snack containing protein.

The reason for that is because when you blood sugar drops, you body goes into a fight or flight mode. Hypnosis will put you back into a relaxed state, however, you will be able to achieve an even deeper state with nice even blood sugar level. Try not to ingest any stimulants such as caffeine for two hours beforehand.

3. Write down dreams in your dream journal.

The reason this can be really helpful is because remembering your dreams helps you work with imagery. As a result, you might experience a more vivid session.

4. Write out the reasons you want to come to therapy at this time.

Get a regular unlined 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and write down, preferably in cursive, all the reasons you are coming in to see a hypnotherapist. Sign your name at the bottom. This exercise is helpful for several reasons. First of all, if you are the type of person, who prefers to communicate in writing, it might be easier to express your ideas. Even if you are not, it might help you detach from your issue by objectively describing it. Second, it will help organize your thoughts. And finally, it will give me a way to get extra information from your subconscious mind before we even begin the session by doing some handwriting analysis.

5. Write down what your goals are.

This can be the same as above or it can be a separate list of all the goals you wish to accomplish. I prefer to work on one at a time, but we can pick together the most pressing one, as well as make a plan for future sessions.

6. Tell a friend you are going.

If you have a trusted friend or a confidant, let them know what you are working on. For instance, if someone knows you are losing weight, they might help you to be accountable. Social pressure really works so put it to good use!

7. Read a good article that sheds some light on what hypnosis is and isn’t.

The one I wrote to shed some light on hypnosis and hypnotherapy is

8. Get a journal in order to keep track of your sessions.

Sometimes things that you experience in hypnosis fade quickly, so it’s good to write down notes and keep your own track of progress you make.

9. Keep an open mind.

The truth is you won’t know what it’s like until you experience it. Just as with any other way to achieve goals, you will have to put in some effort, from showing up for your session to doing the therapeutic homework. Hypnosis works, but you are still the one in control of what you choose to do with it.

10. Imagine the best outcome.

Your mind is a powerful creator. No, things will not materialize in front of you, but your mind will direct you to actions you need to take in order to make that outcome come true.

Do you NEED to do all these things? The answer is no, but they might be helpful to you. Hypnosis can work even if your shirt is itchy or you are a skeptic or you can’t visualize for the life of you.

I help my clients create new healthy habits in my Redding Hypnosis office in Northern California. Feel free to call and ask me a question at (530) 574-3241. I would love to hear from you.

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