Hypnotherapy Sessions

A58PJFHypnotherapy works for a variety of issues. It is so effective because it has one huge advantage over other modalities. It works with the content of the unconscious mind.

Why do people have trouble solving their problems or performing well in some areas of their life?

Think about it. Yes, they think about it. Research shows that the longer you think a thought, the more it becomes a part of the brain circuit. When you want to think a better thought, you need to “rewire” that part of the brain. Thinking about it in the same old terms simply reinforces the old thought. Hypnotherapy helps to redirect the thought “current” into a more productive direction.
They don’t tap into the unconscious mind. Much like the hidden part of the iceberg, it’s responsible for roughly 90% of our behavior. It allows us to repeat learned behaviors automatically such as driving the car without having to think about it. It also stores our learned responses to many issues. When the cake comes out at the birthday party, the automatic response takes over almost automatically. Even when you try to tell yourself that it’s bad for your weight loss goal, unconscious response often overrides the conscious resolution. Hypnotherapy can help you change that automatic response to a desired behavior.

What makes hypnotherapy different from psychotherapy?
Hypnotherapy does not aim to cure medical issues. You are not going to get a diagnosis. It will simply enhance your overall ability to deal with challenges and improve personal performance.
Psychotherapy is typically aimed at your conscious mind. Hypnotherapy involves all areas of your brain to tap into creativity and internal resources that reside there.
Hypnotherapy comes to the rescue when conscious processes fail to get the job done. Some issues can be solved with talking and problem solving. For example, if you need to decide which envelope to use, you simply see which one fits the postcard in. There is no need to tap into internal resources and unconscious processes. Hypnotherapy can work wonderfully as an add-on to therapy.