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Olena Prokopenko, CHP

My approach:

I combine my intuitive knowledge of human nature and best evidence based practices.

I design hypnosis programs that are highly specific to my client because no two people are alike.

I teach my clients skills and tools that will support them for a lifetime.

I empower my clients to take responsibility for their choices.

I create a comfortable and safe space, where my clients and I come up with the best solutions for their life.

I have adopted and subscribe to the Code of Ethics promoted by my certification agency, the Hypnotherapists Union Local 472: http://www.hypnotherapistsunion.org/codeofethics

*Disclaimer: I’m not a licensed psychotherapist or a medical doctor and do not treat mental or medical disorders. I offer hypnotherapy for vocational and avocational self-improvement. In the instances of psychological or bodily issues, I can provide enhancement to regular medical care under a proper psychological or medical referral.


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On January 21, 2015

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