Life Coaching

life-coachingThe best way to describe coaching is to differentiate it from counseling and therapy. The key to life coaching approach is me helping you to take the right and consistent action to achieve the results that you want. I’m not helping you figure out where you got off the path. I’m helping you to navigate back onto the path from wherever you are right now. Some of the approaches and techniques can be similar.

Sometimes you are off your path, because you are running around and doing doing doing without having a clear vision of where you want to end up. In that case, we slow down and become more mindful and aware. In therapy that helps as well in order to address the mental health issues in a thoughtful, calm way. In life coaching, we use mindfulness to become more present to your next step! Either way, there is the clearing of the debris that takes place sometimes, but if you are a life coaching client, you are not sitting in a deep hole, not knowing how to climb out. You may be walking around in circles or not making much progress in your journey. You can set goals and double or triple or quadruple the speed that it takes you to reach your goals. Maybe you set goals that take you to a place that really makes your heart sign instead of doing the same old stuff. If that resonates with you, schedule your consultation with me, cost free and with absolutely no pressure to sign up. In our consultation we will look at the whole picture, put a plan together that may include life coaching if you are in the right place, or maybe I will refer you out for therapy and counseling, either with me or with another therapist. Either way, you will walk away having a more clear picture of where you’ve been and where you would like to go instead.