Redefining Hypnosis

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The purpose of hypnosis is not to shock or get a reaction. The purpose of clinical hypnosis is to provide relief. It is not to submit to another’s authority. Instead, it is to take back the power to decide. It is a little known professional secret that out of 50 minute therapeutic hour, many hypnotherapists spend half of it or less, actually doing hypnosis.

Why is that? Because hypnosis is not the goal in itself. Hypnosis is the tool for achieving other goals. It provides access a greater part of yourself, otherwise known as your subconscious mind.

It takes you into a more resourceful state. There are visible physiological and psychological changes that take place when a person enters a state of hypnosis. To the person being hypnotized, time speeds up or slows down. Senses intensify or become more dull. Background noise can become loud or fade away. Person observing hypnosis may notice the subject’s face looking younger and more symmetrical; breathing becomes deep and rhythmic.

What is the purpose of going into this resourceful state? While it may sound abstract, there are so many practical daily uses for hypnosis, it would be hard to even begin to touch them all in one blog post. Could you use more confidence for public speaking? Could you benefit from more healthy habits? How about when you go to the dentist, could you use an extra boost of relaxation and pain relief, even before you get a shot of Novocaine to numb out the pain? Did you know that hypnosis can be as relaxing as massage? Could you use more restful sleep at night?

Many people are simply unaware that hypnosis can help them solve many daily issues. They may know that it can be a great tool for quitting smoking or losing weight, but not that it can provide relief for a patient dealing with cancer or provide relief from allergies. My belief is that if everyone learns about all the applications of hypnosis, many people would seek out a hypnotherapist on regular basis.

Hypnotherapists do not aspire to substitute the services of medical doctors and psychotherapists. They strive to work alongside medical professionals to alleviate symptoms of many disorders and conditions. In fact, I will only work with a referral from a medical doctor or a licensed professional, when there is a possible medical reason involved.

Find out what hypnosis can do for you. You can call me at (530) 574-3241. My office is located in Redding, California. I also do long distance hypnosis via Skype.

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On December 1, 2015

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