The real reason you are smoking and how to stop!

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I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you all the ways smoking is bad for you. I could cite studies on reduced longevity and describe the way your body gets routinely harmed by smoking, but why? This information is freely available. I’m sure you have a couple of people in your life reminding you that smoking is bad for you.

You are smart, educated, and perhaps even versed in information about ways to keep your body healthy such as eating your vegetables and exercising regularly. You know you should quit, but you find all kinds of excuses not to. I hear often how people are going through a stressful job situation or their family is experiencing difficulties. Surely, right now is not a good time to quit, you tell yourself. There is a different part of you that says it is. You know why? Because the truth of the matter is that any imagined discomfort you experience as you quit now, pays off in huge loads of unbound energy, feelings of wellness, deep satisfaction of knowing you are doing the right thing and succeeding.

What are you so afraid of then? Why all the resistance to putting away the tobacco for good? Of course, we are all complex and have our own reasons we smoke. There is one simple reason under all the excuses and all explanations. If you are not ready to learn about it, come back to this blog when you are! It will shake up your ideas about smoking and about making any changes in your life you make from now on. You already know what it is, even if you don’t like to explore it consciously. That’s why hypnosis works with the subconscious part of your mind, aiming to make the transformation there. Now read this and sit with it and see how it feels. If you are ready, it will feel good in your body and resonate as a simple truth. Here it is:

You have done it up to this moment because it provides you with a real or imaginary underlying benefit that your mind didn’t yet know how to get without it. Let me say it more simply. You think you get something out of it and you’ve been thinking it’s the only way to get it.

Let me tell you, there is a different way to get it that you will like way better than smoking. So you see, quitting smoking is not about quitting at all. You are not quitting. You are upgrading.

Ready to address the true underlying reason behind your habit? If you do and you want to quit in such a way that not only stops the negative physical effects of smoking, but improves your life dramatically in the process, work with me to quit when you are ready. Now call and schedule your free consultation to find out how hypnosis can help you succeed.

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On September 20, 2016

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